Monday, April 07, 2014

layers over me.

i wish Allah could take me away
send me a wind that can drift me away
like an autumn leaf
i could float away. .

perhaps drop me in the ocean 
where i could sink down deep
let the darkness cover over
and drown me to sleep. .

take it take me make me vanish
hide me conceal me
help me to breath
release the hold the world has over me

i wish Allah could turn it all out
the sun moon and stars
the aching shout.

people hurt me,
stab me,
murder me with words,
and tears cannot erase
the harm that they caused.

so let me lie here,
close my eyes and end it all
take my last sigh
and i am no more.
-shabana diouri-

waktu sekarang ini, aku terasa seolah sajak ini betul membunuh jiwa aku. 
dengan keadaan sekeliling yang betul membuat aku tertekan.
sahabat yang semakin lama semakin 'membuli' perasaan.
Allah, aku benar teruji .

dan perkhabaran dari bumi terengganu yang mengoyak tangkai hati,
mahu segera terbang jika aku terdaya.
mudahkan ya Allah.
mudahkanlah kesedihan ini 
ya Allah. 

tenanglah syahira!
dalam apa cara sekalipun,
 engkau ada Allah.


you will shine .
don't deter.

you already did best once.

please don't feel sorry for me, because i didn't feel much of that to myself. Life went on, people comes and go. 
and still i am left wondering who will be here when i need them. because i just can't count on them for the no matter what.
yeah . they'd gone anyway.
and it IS a lesson in life .
it was.
sokay bebeh.
sokay (:

Allah ada.
Allah ada.
Allah ada.

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