Tuesday, October 28, 2014

sisters; are meant forever.

" sometimes we come into a person's life not to make them love us,but to let them feel that they're  so much worth loving for"

I come to my sense when I have enough time to accept things.
 I’m still the same human being as you.
And I understand how terrified you felt over me.
Neither me, nor you who wish these things to happen,
Because we both know we are already stake our life on this vow.

Three years,
We spent our up and down.
Listening to the same routines day stories,
Laughing to the same joke every day,
And end up our night by  salaam and goodnight wish,
Do you know how special our relationship is?

Perhaps I could jump over the old times,
When I make mistakes and you have enough courage,
Then we will not going through this day.

I made mistakes, so do anyone else.
We live in a world where mistakes are things to be fix of,
Not to be forget and ignored.

I’m not perfect, really am not perfect.
Don’t be too inferior,
 Just because of you are wearing jeans and I’m not,
That’s doesn’t mean that I am much better than you.
I’d never judge you.
I’d accept you, for who you are today,
Not for whom you were.
We live for what we have today.

These pieces of things that cover me up,
Is also hiding my pieces of an ignorant cold-blooded heart,
And it is waiting for someone who will win over it.
I have friends, lots of them.
But I never have a friend who says
 I’m wrong, when I’m doing wrongful deeds.
Sometimes they realized,
But no one rise up to protect me from being astray.

In these three years,
We spent a lot of time,
Trying to understand each other’s heart,
We both know how pathetic our past was,
You knew how I used to be,
And I knew how you used to be.
That is how our love equation goes.

“ We made mistakes,
We made up things.
We slide the anger,
We put it back.
We break the glass,
We replace it new. “

Yeah I’m happy like crying.
Thank you for the hug,
And sorry for those tears,
I am a failure in hiding my tears.

For a few more years, and decade, and century. .i wish to stand by you, in a time of yeay and nay.

For being who you are,
Thank you.

I love you. Really –really –really love you.

"It’s never easy to stand when the storm hits. And that’s exactly the point. By sending the wind, He brings us to our knees; the perfect position to pray."

27th October, 14

2209: ulu kinta

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