Saturday, September 26, 2015


i wonder,
why the satellite never falls? is that because of only the gravity?

and how about the moon and the sun?

and i realized,
Allah did created all those things beautifully, for human to think.
Things happen always for a reason-

i was bumped into a seriously crazy question. Why people fall in love? is that because of gravity or what else? can i use the reason of gravity in my story? so that i will just understand that every thing which falls, it is because of the gravity-

but, the thing is love is not a matter which i can physically touch and hold-

"gravity only apply to matter which is we can physically touch. The more the matter, the more the gravity and it will pull more strongly."

so, how can people actually fall in love?

. . .


see, i told you before

when i wrote things in my blog, i never expect people to read.
so i happily writing without need to worry people might hurt-

but, since i wrote my 10 things i hate the most-
people keep asking-

"syahira, who is mr krabby patty?"

what else you expect me to answer?
to tell everyone the truth?
never in thousand years!

i already told beforehand, nowadays writing your own feeling in a blog is never a safe place anymore. because, people judge, and you be the victims of anyone else false assumption.

but please, i love my blog T.T
and i am too tired of changing my blog address

because i wrote things not to hurt anyone else.
i just want to spill out my thought which i can't expressed in a real world.

i dont want anybody to be hurt by what i wrote, but still i want my right to write things-heavenly.

vote for my right, can you ?

Monday, September 21, 2015

tuesday blues

i continue my monday blues up until today-

i thought its going to be fun, but actually life itself not that easy .
waking up with blank mind and i actually working like those Nepalese day and night. Even those Nepalese  have some time to spare for themselves, but i choose to not give myself any extra space -

how depressed i am actually ?


10 things i hate these days:

1) when my housemate didn't closed the front gate
2) when i dream bad and theres no one else around
3) when its night and rain.
4) have to lift heavy things up when i suffer enough for my back pain
5) waking up in the morning with the uniforms on -.-
6) forgot where i put my things and found them just after i dint need them anymore.
7) lost my pen -.-
8) same shift and same assign with mr krabby patty whom i hate the most.
9) when someone saying bad things behind and talk nicely in front, and assume like nothing happen.
10) when i have to endure the tears from falling-

i am nowhere near perfect.
and easily got cry with simplest things on earth
so that's why i am fragile T.T

and insecure-