Saturday, September 26, 2015

see, i told you before

when i wrote things in my blog, i never expect people to read.
so i happily writing without need to worry people might hurt-

but, since i wrote my 10 things i hate the most-
people keep asking-

"syahira, who is mr krabby patty?"

what else you expect me to answer?
to tell everyone the truth?
never in thousand years!

i already told beforehand, nowadays writing your own feeling in a blog is never a safe place anymore. because, people judge, and you be the victims of anyone else false assumption.

but please, i love my blog T.T
and i am too tired of changing my blog address

because i wrote things not to hurt anyone else.
i just want to spill out my thought which i can't expressed in a real world.

i dont want anybody to be hurt by what i wrote, but still i want my right to write things-heavenly.

vote for my right, can you ?

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