Monday, September 21, 2015

tuesday blues

i continue my monday blues up until today-

i thought its going to be fun, but actually life itself not that easy .
waking up with blank mind and i actually working like those Nepalese day and night. Even those Nepalese  have some time to spare for themselves, but i choose to not give myself any extra space -

how depressed i am actually ?


10 things i hate these days:

1) when my housemate didn't closed the front gate
2) when i dream bad and theres no one else around
3) when its night and rain.
4) have to lift heavy things up when i suffer enough for my back pain
5) waking up in the morning with the uniforms on -.-
6) forgot where i put my things and found them just after i dint need them anymore.
7) lost my pen -.-
8) same shift and same assign with mr krabby patty whom i hate the most.
9) when someone saying bad things behind and talk nicely in front, and assume like nothing happen.
10) when i have to endure the tears from falling-

i am nowhere near perfect.
and easily got cry with simplest things on earth
so that's why i am fragile T.T

and insecure-

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