Friday, January 06, 2017


Waves of emotion.

Can i have someone who will always make time for me? 
In yeay and nay.

For only a second.
I wish for your time.

It was upsetting. 
When you can make time for them,
But they never tried to have you in their time.

It was heartwrenching.
When you try hard for them.
But they never understand how hard you try.
They don't even realised.

It was emotional.
Tears run wild.
And all i can do.
Is pray and hope.
May Allah make time for us.
To meet.
To greet.
To laugh.
And to cry.
In Jannah❤️

Allah, give me another chances to please those i love. 
I never hope much. I just want to meet them before eveything. 
Even in distance.

Bless them.

What's coming will come. And we'll meet it when it does-


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