Wednesday, February 08, 2017


im survived all my bad days, but then to be truth i think i fall in loves with the way Allah tests me. The way to build myself up and try hard.

All grown-up have to fall sometimes so they can stand up twice. The way you fall never determined your future. Indeed the way you stand up back is the key towards  a brighter future.

Syahira, so cemana life kau?
Still living and surviving💪🏻

Alhamdulillah. All i can say is all praise to Allah. (':
For let me passed through hard times with a lot of strength.

Not sure who left a comment on my previous post. But then, i pray may Allah repays your wisdom. I appreciated every word, so glad  that there is someone outside who still praying for me randomly.

And, to my darling mak abah,
Thankyou for not agree to my decision on transferring myself to sabah though it always be my dreams to live there😂
Also my comel-superhero for not left me in my nay time and be my crying shoulder everytime i needed someone, awww i think im so lucky to have you as my mengg.

So after this, monsoon comes and i have to follow the way how the river flow and the sea blows. But, surely i won't be a dead fish.

Remind everyone outside there,
Life is misery. Full of  mystery.
Always get ready and putyour weapon on.
Life can be so cruel sometimes.
But remember, after all things happen- there always a reason why.

Try to discover something brand new❤️

I leave my life to Him.
And to Him shall i return-


  1. Kita rasa apa yg kita mahu adalah terbaik untuk kita, namun Dia telah mengaturkan segala2nya yg terbaik untuk kita. dengan pengalaman yg kita lalui mematangkn kita. jgn mudah melatah. terima seadanya dengan senyuman yg paling manis. ALL IS WELL. igt minum jgn berdiri, nampak dangkal. ;-)

    1. Minum jangan berdiri, nampak dangkal😂 I know who you are. Exactly😂

    2. plz don't mention. keep it between us. just anonymous...