Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Dear darling

11th april,2017

Dear darling,
Its our eleventh date❤️
And you still the old boyfriend
Whom never give less

Dear darling,
My heart struggle for your eyes
To eye my love
To eye my attention that i crave
Your eyes hold the love i need
And so thats the reason why
I want to experience this world with you
To see how this world looks like through your eyes

Dear darling,
The moment you come near me
My heart skip a beat
The moment you said you love me
I feeling high and dont know how to stand

Dear darling,
Someday if Allah's will
We will holding hand
To show the world how love looks like from our perspective
To show the world how hard we try to reach upon this
And to show the world
How Allah make our struggle into reality.

Dear darling,
One fine day.
May the day i come into your life
Be the day you won't forever forget.
And that day,
Where Allah put His blessing to us
To you and me
To our future,amin❤️

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